Mint Auction
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What to Expect

01Step One

Signup & Payment

Before bidding, you will want to setup your account and your payment options.

02Step Two

Place Bid

Depending on the auction type, you can begin bidding, making offers, or buying now.

03Step Three

Standard Bidding

Bidding will continue until the listing has ended. When a listing is less than 5 minutes it will go into Extended Bidding.

04Step Four

Extended Bidding

Extended Bidding will add an additional 5 minutes to the close time when each new bidder places a bid.

05Step Five

Bidding Closes

After Extended Bidding the listing is closed and you will receive an invoice for your items and fees.

06Step Six

Items & Fees

The invoice will outline your winning items and buyer fees. It will need paid before your items are shipped.

07Step Seven


Depending on your payment option, we will ship your item within 1-5 business days.

08Step Eight


Tracking information will be sent as soon as your insured package has been packed and picked up.

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